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Can you Solve This Problem as Easily as Six Year Olds?

I came across a brain teaser that was apparently not a problem for a six-year-old but stumps adults. It was published in RocketNews24, a publication that brings news from Japan and Asia. The article reports that this brain teaser has gone viral.

This interesting brain teaser was one of a series of questions used to test the intellectual aptitude of prospective students and appeared on an entrance exam for a Hong Kong elementary school.

According to the article, it was Question No. 21 on the entrance exam, and six-year-olds can typically solve it within about 20 seconds. Can you? Apparently, most adults are stumped by it.

What spot number is the car in the figure below?

Bruce Oberhardt Problem Solver

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For the answer to the above problem that apparently six-year-olds find easy, see:

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