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A Need for Problem Solvers

The next singularity is projected to occur in the 21st century and to propel the advancement of civilization as did the agricultural revolution and the industrial revolution in ways that cannot be comprehended at this time. With children taking the lead, this singularity is likely to shape a new landscape, one that can not only defy prediction but may also have child-like consequences. The actualization of the “Internet of Things” is only one small consequence.Continue Reading

Problem: Which Came First the Cockroach or the Dragonfly

When I visited the Bug Zoo in Victoria, British Columbia, the entomologist who was conducting tours, picked up the largest live cockroach that I had ever seen and mentioned that the cockroach is one of the oldest insects, dating back to the pre-dinosaur era.  This triggered a new thought, so I asked her which insect goes back further in origin, the cockroach or the dragonfly.  She thought first and then replied:  “That is a very good question.  I don’t know.”Continue Reading

Can you Solve This Problem as Easily as Six Year Olds?

I came across a brain teaser that was apparently not a problem for a six-year-old but stumps adults. It was published in RocketNews24, a publication that brings news from Japan and Asia. The article reports that this brain teaser has gone viral.Continue Reading

Can China Deal with its Coming Wave of Health Problems?

Can China Deal with its Coming Wave of Health Problems?

China has experienced unprecedented economic growth, yet there is little doubt that China will soon be faced with decades of serious health problems. In China, however, the air quality in some areas, e.g. in Beijing, is so bad that some families do not let their children outdoors for as much as half of the entire year. Continue Reading

Problem: Uber and Luxe Valet are Only Interim Businesses

Problem: Uber and Luxe Valet are Only Interim Businesses

There are entrepreneurs who will devote their time and energy and investors who will invest their money in interim businesses that will diminish or disappear in the foreseeable future. Two examples are Uber and Luxe Valet. Investors and company founders are naturally hoping to obtain a substantial return before the rug begins to be pulled out from under the company.Continue Reading