Dragonfly Thinking is a book authored by Bruce Oberhardt intended to help you develop superior problem solving skills.

Dragonfly Thinking Training

How to Integrate Effective Problem Solving Into Your Work to Get Superior Results
by Bruce Oberhardt with Martin Brossman

“Advancement is not thrust upon you. You earn it by solving problems.” – Dragonfly Thinking, page 7

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An on-site training program to enhance your team’s focus in working together to more effectively solve Big, Important Problems (BIPs) for positive impact.

The ability to tackle extremely difficult problems has been the key to the greatest innovations in history. Now, with global competition at everyone’s doorstep, how a company can gain a competitive edge is to make sure their valuable human resources are maximizing their ability to creatively solve problems. This training draws on and is inspired by the brilliant work of Bruce Oberhardt, who, with a lifetime of scientific and entrepreneurial accomplishments, wrote a book on problem solving called “Dragonfly Thinking: Problem Solving for a Successful Future”. This three-part onsite training program was co-developed by Martin Brossman and Bruce Oberhardt. Martin Brossman has over 21 years of business and success coaching and training; his books include Finding Our Fire, which introduces personal development based on the power of Inquiry.


“Bruce and Martin’s presentation on Dragonfly Thinking at the Analyst Summit Committee at Cisco was very insightful. They provided us with new ways to solve problems that we can use today. They have set a high bar that future training events will be measured against.”–Tom Swanson, Finance Manager, Cisco

The Program Goal

The initial section of this one-day program provides problem identification, validation, and creative tools for solving the problem by an individual. The goal for the entire training program is for the participants to learn and integrate effective tools for identifying and solving BIPs individually, but especially with a team. Team problem solving is useful if there is a deadline or time pressure. The training will deepen problem solving skills and translate to improved productivity and often previously unrecognized pathways to business success.

Scope of Services: One Day Program

I. Section One (“Dragonfly Thinking” for the Individual)

Building the individual’s basic skills in problem solving, this training will include the Introduction to Problem Solving and the selection of the BIP. Basic tools for validating and assessing BIPs will be taught and used. After BIP selection and validation, effective techniques for solving the BIP will be practiced. Other aspects will include:

  • Understanding the value of developing your problem-solving skills and how these skills can be enhanced over time with proper practice
  • Understanding four fundamental stages for problem-solving in the workplace, along with highly effective problem-solving tools
  • Learning how to get unstuck and use the environment to enhance your creative thinking
  • Understanding the process of inquiry and the power of NOT Knowing
  • Identifying problems in your business that need attention

II. Section Two (“Dragonfly Thinking” for the Team)

Applying the Dragonfly Thinking skills as a team.

In this section, you will learn how to organize an effective team to understand and solve problems in the workplace and for customers. Your team will take on a real problem that was identified in the first section, coming up with ways to understand it more fully and to solve it.

III. Section Three (“Dragonfly Thinking” Team Integration)

Determining how to implement the best solution from Section Two with available resources and understanding how to fully integrate Dragonfly Thinking as a regular practice with your team.

Dragonfly Thinking will enable you to deal effectively with conflict and challenges that often emerge when interacting with others in a company or organization and help you to generate innovative solutions to business problems, as well as to make your own life more interesting! You will enhance your ability to think creatively, to problem solve, and to learn how to inspire others to do so as well. You will harness untapped resources in yourself as well as the ability to assist others in doing the same. You will walk away with real life tools to enhance creativity as a continuing resource in your business and life!

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