Dragonfly Thinking is a book authored by Bruce Oberhardt intended to help you develop superior problem solving skills.

Dragonfly Thinking Book

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Amen. This book is amazing!
A good read that will help in every facet of life.
I recommend this book to everyone!!
~Meredith Pagani

The Breaking Free Show

On Oct 12, 2015, Bruce Oberhardt was a guest on the Breaking Free Show with Marilyn Shannon.

How can you think more efficiently? This show is extremely relevant for every entrepreneur, parent, leader, advocate and environmentalist. The world needs us to problem solve.

What do dragonflies have to do with problem solving and what can they teach us? Dr. Bruce Oberhardt uses “Dragonfly Thinking” to solve big problems and will tell us how we can use it too on the October 12, 2015 Breaking Free Show!

Dr. Bruce Oberhardt is a sought-after biomedical engineer and entrepreneur, known for promoting creative thinking and for successfully spearheading first-of-a-kind technological developments in the fields of cardiovascular disease, blood diseases, and diabetes and helping to solve key problems in technology developments in the cancer field. (Products based on these technologies are currently saving patients’ lives daily.) He has founded new companies, such as Cardiovascular Diagnostics, Inc., a successful IPO, and served in management positions for major multinational medical product manufacturers. During his career, he has tackled and solved many complex biomedical technology and business problems and participated in many successes. He has positioned himself multiple times at the interface between technology and business, within large companies he worked for as well as in companies he founded, and through development and management consulting for both large and small organizations. He has seen much of what works and what doesn’t. However, since he had not seen much written on how to develop superior problem solving skills and specifically to bring them into the complex landscape of a business, especially if there is an entrenched culture, he decided to write about his experiences. This was a main driver for him to write “Dragonfly Thinking.”