Dragonfly Thinking is a book authored by Bruce Oberhardt intended to help you develop superior problem solving skills.

Speaking Engagements for Workshops, Conferences, and Classrooms

In addition to speaking as part of consulting activities, Bruce Oberhardt has spoken at scientific and venture conferences and at universities. He recently conducted several workshops in problem solving at the North Carolina Central University School of Business.

Some Topics in Problem Solving

Problems and Innovation
Innovation is a typical result of problem solving. Often, the solution to a Big Important Problem (which I call a BIP) results in an innovation that will drive a new business sector, save lives, and/or help many people. Innovation resulting from finding the right problems to work on and solving them will drive economic growth. The key is in learning how to find BIPs and how to solve them.

Organizational Norms
Companies and other organizations have developed ways of doing things that have worked in the past. Norms for doing business as usual are continually added, based on past realities and past successes. However, realities can change rendering certain norms obsolete. Finding obsolete norms and changing them is not easily achieved. (They often relate to BIPs!!) Norms are part of company culture and are in place for good reasons. Norms are often thought of as everlasting principles. However, the key success principles of companies, like most products, services, and businesses, have finite life spans.

Problems and Work
When you solve an assigned problem, you are doing your job. When you solve an unassigned problem, especially a BIP, people take notice. Solving a BIP is likely to lead to career advancement. BIPs are often not what they seem to be. They may be identified but are linked in subtle ways to other, less identifiable issues. Trying to solve a BIP is usually not possible without understanding its true essence.

General Principles
It is OK to become stuck. Being completely stuck is often part of the struggle before your next success. It is very important to ask questions. Questions often uncover hidden information. It is very important to have ideas. Ideas lead to novel solutions. Problem solving is experiential, as is business expertise. You must do it to become proficient.

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